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Additional Info 


                                                                  Some frequently asked questions are..



Is there a certain amount of sod I need to order?

           - Customers can purchase amounts as little as one roll, up to thousands to fit their individual sod needs. 

                      - For delivery purchase must be at least 500 yards or more. 

                          - For the time being, we are only offering deliveries to our current landscapers.


How much sod do I need for my job?

           - Here's how to calculate your projects square yardage.

                      - Take the length X the width: then divide it by 9 to get your projects square yardage.


How much water should I be applying to my new sod?

            - We recommend customers water their sod deeply and infrequently. A good rule of thumb is to apply one inch of water per week and a 1/2 inch each per application. New sod may need more during warm windy days and less during cool cloudy days.




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